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How do I execute successful green meetings and events?

Get on the Green Track and create a green policy for your company. Plan now how you will conduct green meetings and events. Establish eco-friendly practices and implement initiatives that are environmentally friendly.

Create relationships with venues and event specialist that also practice green initiatives and encourage those who do not.

As a decision maker, let green certified service providers know that their eco-friendly practices will be a positive factor in your decision-making process.

Encourage others to go green by adopting the green meeting initiative.

Make your meeting or event environmentally friendly TODAY!
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Being green goes directly to your bottom line.

Haven’t you heard? Being green goes directly to your bottom line. Being green goes directly to a higher long-term value of your property. Being green goes directly to your front doors which open wide to bring guests back again and again. Being green goes directly to keeping staff long-term because management clearly cares for their health and well-being.

How does being green translate to your bottom line? When energy-saving measures are introduced, such as energy management systems, fluorescent bulbs, ceiling fans, linen cards, lights out cards, motion sensors for public rest rooms, meeting rooms, exercise rooms, etc., energy bills are much reduced.

When water-saving equipment and techniques are introduced, such as low-flow showerheads, 1.5 gpm aerators, serving water on request only in restaurants, 1.6 gpm dishwashing valves, low-flow toilets, waterless urinals, toilet tank fill diverters in older toilets and linen cards, water bills are reduced dramatically. A California GM received an award for reducing water usage at his property by two million gallons in one year. How? He fired the chef! The chef was well known for having water running in 4 or 5 sinks at a time defrosting food.

Waste hauling is a huge expense for a hotel which can be lowered drastically through recycling and avoiding wastefully-packaged products. Hoteliers can ask vendors to deliver products in minimal wrapping. Vendors can be asked to deliver products one day, and pick up the packaging materials the next day. The New Orleans Intercontinental started a recycling program and hired staff to separate the materials. Management was absolutely astonished to find that these employees were pulling $1,000 a MONTH of hotel property out of the waste stream—napkins, towels, spoons, etc.—all of which had clearly been discarded prior to recycling. A Chicago Hyatt reduced their waste hauling by 80%! They had the same experience as the New Orleans hotel, except their staff was pulling $3,000 to $10,000 a month of hotel property out of the waste stream.

Being green means guests, staff and management are healthier. There’s just no doubt that when odors, fumes, soot, droplets and residues of toxic, poisonous chemicals are not in the air, on our food or on anything we touch, we are not absorbing or breathing them. Sooner or later all properties will be sold, and any green property will demand a higher price because it’s value is much enhanced by lower utility bills per square foot, its healthier aspects and owner care.

None of us can be really green without the smart, innovative vendors who provide green products and services. Being green means supporting green vendors, listening to their sales staff, purchasing their products and services and cheering them on.

Get help with greening by calling city, county, state and Federal entities that will be helpful to you. Seek out rebates, subsidies and tax credits. BECOME A PROUD MEMBER OF OUR ELITE CORPS OF GREEN HOTELIERS TODAY! See to learn more.

For further information, contact "Green" Hotels Association® at P. O. Box 420212, Houston, TX 77242-0212, 713/789-8889, Fax 713/789-9786 or

Hotels that are environmentally responsible Click Here

Meeting Planner's Questionnaire for "Green" Lodging Establishments Click here for a pdf document

USGBC on San Diego Travel WebSourceLEED: US Green Building Council
LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is a system of "green building" strategies that was developed by a broad coalition of building industries: architects, designers, manufacturers, construction and regulators. USGBC: LEED Program.


We invite you to recommend an environmentally-friendly venue or business to share with our viewers - Click Here

Monday, January 22, 2018


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Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

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Fish and the Seaweeds

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